Working in a Quality Environment

Green buildings have stronger occupancies rates and lower utility costs with higher claims of employee productivity (up to 16%) as a result of a happier and healthier working environment.

In particular, for building, HVAC systems are designed to provide excellent working conditions in the least invading manner – without cold or hot air streams and with ample fresh air. At the same time, in mid seasons, natural ventilation schemes will provide top quality comfort with no need of using the heating or cooling systems.

Natural light distribution is achieved by northern slender openings, minimizing artificial lighting loads. During summer, dynamic shading of the western and southern facades ensures minimum heat input through solar radiation. The green terraces and the green roof are meant to decrease the interior temperature during summer and to increase the thermal mass reducing the cooling/heating loads of the building.

The building's carbon foot print is kept at minimum levels via the combination of low energy demands and zero direct carbon emissions through the use of geothermal supply system.